This page contains all the information of the uniform worn by a Panzer Grenadier. If you click any of the item names it will take you to a picture of that item.

The two pictures show the basics of how this should be worn.

Basic Uniform requirements for a Panzergrenadier

The list below sets out the basic requirements for a Panzer Lehr grenadier uniform:

German Helmet 
M1935, M1940 or M1942. Splinter cover must be worn
at all times.
M1943 Field Cap, complete with one piece National Emblem and
Reichskokade cloth badge.
Grey undershirt,
M1940 Panzer Wrap, army pattern (not SS) complete with Panzer
Grenadier collar tabs (Grass Green), early pattern bottle green shoulder
boards (grass green Waffenfarbe), breast eagle(M36).
Field Grey M1940 Panzer Trousers.
M40 greatcoat.
Foot wear;
German army socks (grey with white bands)
Black German ankle boots. Cross laced (No gaiters)
Field Kit and equipment;
Enlisted man's Black Leather Belt with army buckle.
Black Leather Y straps,
Bread Bag,
Mess Tin,
Water Bottle
K98 Ammo Pouches,
Entrenching Tool,
Bayonet frog and K98 Bayonet,
Gas Mask Canister,
Zeltbahn (splinter pattern).

German K98

The list above indicates the basic requirements to be met by all Panzer Lehr Grenadiers, to be worn in all weathers, however, a 
summer HBT may be worn in extremely hot weather, and a splinter or plain German army parker (reversible) is permissible during cold weather.