Below is a calendar listing this years events please cycle through to see these.

To give an idea we attend the following events on a regular basis: We may also add events each year, so best to check the calendar for up to date list. This years events are up now and a few more may be added once finalised.

Waltham Abbey - Hosted at Royal Gunpowder Mills. Normally falls on the first May Bank Holiday

Operation Overlord - An event near Portsmouth. Normally falls on the second May bank holiday.

Great Central Railway War Weekend - We have control over Leicester North Station in which we stage a battle and control the running for the weekend.

War and Peace Show - Held first week of half term in July

Military Flying Machines - Normally held in August. No event in 2018 sadly.

Military Odyssey - Held at the Kent County Showground during the August Bank Holiday.