We are a UK based historical re-enactment society, depicting soldiers serving in the 130th panzer division, regiment 902, Panzer Lehr. An elite unit formed in late 1943 from panzer training and demonstration staff  to counter the allied invasion threat. We aim to provide an interesting and informative, interactive display, both static and (combined with other groups), dynamic battles for public shows. As well as TV and film work. In co-operation with other groups we provide a glimpse of the uniform, equipment and fighting techniques used by both axis and allied units to encourage those who did not live during WW2 to learn more about the conflict our fathers and mothers endured and to remember the sacrifice made by those people from all nations involved.

We are a friendly society who wish to learn more about our history (human) in a relaxed atmosphere. If you would like to know more about our group or wish to join, (women too as we have our own late war Helferin unit)

We are a non-political historical society.

We do not support racism, intolerance or other extreme views.

We do not seek to glorify the Second World War or extreme political ideology.

We do NOT admit members who have extreme views!

Any member found to have such views would be expelled from the Society